BIOPAC Systems社主催のWebinar開催のお知らせ


Introduction to Pulse Plethysmography: Recording Great PPG Data


2020年10月16日:1:00〜2:00 AM

開催者:BIOPAC Systems(米国)


Pulse Plethysmography--detecting blood volume changes--is most commonly recorded with a plethysmograph (PPG). Good data recording techniques and the right selection of tools is crucial to acquiring reliable and repeatable results for a wide array of life science applications including Psychophysiology, Exercise Physiology, Sleep Studies, and more. In this event we will discuss the pros and cons of different recording areas, proper techniques and tools, and artifact and data analysis strategies.

Join Alex Dimov from BIOPAC to learn how to record great plethysmography data. Learn about wired and wireless PPG recording options for a variety of body locations, and use in the MRI. Alex will demonstrate how to set up a pulse plethysmography experiment and show you how to identify good and bad data. He will also discuss techniques to get you started with basic analysis.
What You Will Learn:

・Hardware options for recording pulse plethysmography
・How to record a good quality signal with a pulse transducer
・How to calculate heart rate from pulse and manage artifacts
・How to calculate pulse transit time
・Volumetric vs. relative measurements
・Comparisons to ECG recording
・Plus, a Live Demonstration of Lab Equipment!