BIOPAC Systems社主催Webinar(内容:fNIRS)のお知らせ

「Webinar内容」:fNIRS for Mental Assessment
「開催日時」:2021年3月19日:1:00 AM〜45分間予定(日本時間)
「開催者」:BIOPAC Systems(米国)


fNIRS is growing in popularity as a tool for studying human cognition including workload, memory, learning, attention and more. It is now easier than ever to incorporate these valuable techniques into your experiments. Join Alex Dimov for a compelling exploration of using fNIRS in your research. During this webinar, Alex will present a lightweight, ergonomic, and easy-to-use ecosystem of recording hardware and software. In addition, he will demonstrate each step of the process--from setting up the participant to running an experiment and analyzing the results.

Join Alex Dimov from BIOPAC to learn how to record great plethysmography data. Learn about wired and wireless PPG recording options for a variety of body locations, and use in the MRI. Alex will demonstrate how to set up a pulse plethysmography experiment and show you how to identify good and bad data. He will also discuss techniques to get you started with basic analysis.

「Key Topics Include」
・Operate fNIR equipment
・Record high quality data
・Perform an experiment
・Analyze data
・Synchronize with other physiological signals
・Synchronize with stimulus presentation

Alex Dimov
Account Director & fNIR Expert
BIOPAC Systems, Inc

Alex Dimov (BIOPAC Systems, Inc.) has been teaching workshops on the topic of physiological data acquisition and analysis for nearly 15 years. While at UC Santa Barbara he was an instructor for The Advanced Training Institute for Virtual Reality in Social Psychology. He joined BIOPAC as an application specialist and now oversees European Sales for BIOPAC.